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All works pigmented alkyd resin on aluminium, 2020

192 x 120 cm


Five images borrowed at two-minute intervals from a video of a rapidly evolving cloudscape. The video was taken looking south from Hampstead Heath on 25 September, 2019. This was the 198th anniversary of John Constable painting a pure cloud study that I once spent quite a lot of time looking at and still find interesting.

Transferred to the paintings, the stills are far from still: each frozen moment is itself visually unstable and capable of rapid transformation as the sun and clouds above move. Or as the viewer moves. Or as the metal ground catches the light differently in either eye, with the monocular camera lens replaced by binocular human vision.

A pdf with more images is available here.

Some words about my interest in Constable live online in British Art Studies and OAR.



Hampstead Heath 25/09/2019 14:37 (MVI_2806.00_00_00_00.tif)


Hampstead Heath 25/09/2019 14:39 (MVI_2806.00_02_00_00.tif)


Hampstead Heath 25/09/2019 14:41 (MVI_2806.00_04_00_00.tif)


Hampstead Heath 25/09/2019 14:43 (MVI_2806.00_06_00_00.tif)


Hampstead Heath 25/09/2019 14:45 (MVI_2806.00_08_00_00.tif)