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A series of works in which identical quantities of identical materials were divided between each half of a book-like case. On the right-hand side, each panel is a pure pigment mixed with resin; on the left-hand side, all the pigments used on the right are mixed together. Across the seven works there was an attempt to maintain a fairly constant grey, the chromatic key of which was given by titanium white and lamp black. The grey and grey is powdered carborundum. The surface of each panel is a low-relief cast from a sheet of metal. Different surfaces of different metals were used (brushed, mirror-polished, etched). Each surface catches the light differently, hence the apparent tonal contrast in panels which are identically pigmented.

Cast pigmented resin mounted on aluminium, flexible magnets. Aluminium and flexible magnet case.

See also Untitled (Nephews?) and 17th March 2013.