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Seas, 2021–

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The constant motion of the sea over a period of several minutes is caught in sharp focus in these linear scans. Recording the fluctuating rhythms of waveforms rather than the simultaneous image typically associated with a photograph, they present another way of inscribing time in an image, and of translating into visual form an embodied experience of being in the world—often in quite extreme weather conditions.

Printed on abraded aluminium panels, each work remains highly responsive to light. Its appearance shifts as the viewer moves or as the light changes. It is unstable and, like its subject, unfolds over time.

All works alkyd resin and UV-cured digital print on abraded aluminium.

192 x 120 cm


Dunbar 20/02/2017, 15.41–15.43 (2021)


Mutton Cove, Portland 12/09/2021, 09.00–09.15 (2021)


Portland Bill, 16/05/2019, 17.32–17.35 (2021)


Mutton Cove, Portland 14/09/2021, 17.05–17.15 (2021)


Butts Quarries, Portland 12/09/2021, 12.30–12.32 (2021)


Mutton Cove, Portland 05/10/2021, 17.24–17.27 (2021)


Portland Bill 05/10/2021, 14.25–14.26 (2021)


Dancing Ledge, 26/08/2020, 09.50–09.52 (2021)