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Paintings and other Things: the Paintings, 2010

Hidde van Seggelen Gallery, London


A show of assorted alkyd and epoxy resin on mild steel works, ranging from 360 x 230 cm down to 96 x69 cm, augmented by three works on paper, each 195 x 120 cm. And a metal ball.

The works on paper are low-relief casts of a latex cast of an abraded metal painting support. At each iteration the latex was stretched, making the marks grow and wobble. The cooper work is 1:1 scale to the metal original. The Aluminium is 110%. The graphite 120%. After 120% the latex ripped.

The final painting in the show was the work from which were derived the photographs in follow-up show, The other Things.

Eccentric documentation of the exhibition is available here.

A number of previous works on abraded steel supports were brought together in a book, Damian Taylor: Paintings, designed by John Morgan studio and published by the gallery, featuring essays by Bernice Donszelmann and David Ryan.